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Greg participated in WSXVI with a STI pistol he has built himself., Posted in Blog

Gregory Midgley

Our squad’s last stage was number 29. We finished the final six stages by 12.30pm today. The squad lined up for the obligatory group photograph and then retired to the refreshment area for a beer ( or two! ).

The Match

Gregory Midgley shot the match with a STI pistol that he has built himself. Metal has been removed from the slide and frame to make it lighter. I set up three targets in the practice range at 20 metres and transitioned back and forwards between the three, firing two shots at each target. The recoil is snappy and it comes straight back with minimal muzzle rise and I was able to shoot Greg’s pistol faster than my own. Greg has also designed his own recoil master. I will have more on his pistol and recoil master on the PH site in the future.


Metal has been removed from both the slide and frame. The slide now has seven sides!

Lars Hagemann showed me details of a new training pistol based on the Glock 17, which projects a laser beam onto the target. The trigger also resets itself. This seems that I would make a good training tool for IPSC competition as you would not be expending ammunition but still getting the indication of were the hit was via the laser beam. You could also practice with this on the range with moving and swinging targets, or even shoot stages without firing a shot and save on ammunition costs. You cold also use it for practicing at home. I will also have details of this on the PH site in the new future.


Eric Grauffel will be trying to make WSXVI his fifth IPSC World Championship win.


For some this was their last day of shooting, but all the stages will have am and pm squads on Saturday. Guba Ribas are having a prize draw and the entry form is available on their stand in the trade tent. The prize will be drawn in the refreshment ten at Saturday lunch time, so if you are here you still have the chance to enter Saturday morning.


KC Eusebio is representing the USPSA Open Division Team.


Fast and Furios ( ) had the range of D-Shoot clothing and other shooting accessories on display.

WSWS41web has a range of 5.11 products on display and also had the new 5.11 Stryke pant on display.

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