• recoil system

    Swiss Double Spring Recoil System

    Gregory Midgley has designed and manufactured his own recoil system. His STI pistol has also been modified by himself., Premium Content

    The ability to control the recoil of your pistol determines how fast you can trigger the next shot. For an IPSC competitor this means being able to control the recoil of a series of shots at the targets that are visible as you proceed through a stage. Different methods have been tried to control recoil. Different strengths of recoil springs, full length guide rods, tungsten guide rods have all been tried. STI European Team member Gregory Midgley has spent so time designing a recoil system and used it when he competed at World Shoot XVI.

    Recoil System
  • World Shoot XVI Opening Ceremony

    World Shoot XVI Opening Ceremony

    Two long time IPSC competitors Rob Leatham and Bob Dunkley at the Opening Ceremony, Blog

    Flying direct into Rhodes Airport on Saturday saw us escaping the delays and problems which those who transited through Athens encountered, such as flight delays, guns not being placed on your flight and having to go back to Rhodes Airport to collect them on a later flight.

    IPSC competitors
  • The CZ recoil spring

    Brixia Shooting Store

    The CZ recoil spring is available in both 11 and 12 pound weights, Accesories

    Looking around the various trade stands at WSXVI I had a look at the Brixia Shooting Store stand. I picked up some CZ recoil and hammer springs from them and tried them out in a CZ75 SP01. The CZ recoil spring is available in both 11 and 12 pounds weights. If you are reloading and your ammunition is power factoring ( PF ) below 135 then it is worth using these springs as the slide is easier to hand cycle and at a PF below 135 the slide will cycle faster with these springs over the standard recoil spring.

    The CZ recoil spring

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2013 European Handgun Championships

2013 European Handgun Championships, Posted in Events

2013 European Handgun Championships

The 2013 IPSC European Handgun Championships were held in Portugal. This event takes place every three years and was held in the north of the country, near the town of Barcelos, inland from Porto. The competition was organised by IPSC Portugal, which ensured the Fervenca Shooting Complex was fit for purpose. The stages in the match were themed on Portuguese exploration and there was an abundance of nautical pictorial displays and props used.

Lady's Production European Champion Maria Gushchina

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