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Ghost Competition and Duty Holsters

The Ghost holster allows both maximun retension and a very rapid draw at the start of the stage in a match., Posted in Accesories

Ghost Competition and Duty Holsters
Magnetic Magazine Pouch

Ghost International Limited came about as the result of the cooperation between three individuals who had a visionary goal to develop one company that would combine the civilian sport shooting world with duty equipment that was suitable for both law enforcement and military units. They believe that the combination and mix of knowledge and experience of both these worlds would assist in delivering the perfect end result in each product they manufactured.

Amadini Custom

Since 1975 Sandro Amadini has been the owner of Amadini Custom, one of the leading manufacturers of IPSC belts, holsters and magazine pouches. Sandro is one of Italy’s highly regarded gunsmiths for both IPSC as well for Special Operations Units throughout Europe. Over the years he has invented most of the products to come from Ghost International.

Roberto Amadini is the owner of Ghost International.  He is an experienced shooter and range officer for both IPSC and IDPA. His ties with both the IPSC world and with law enforcement and the military enables Ghost to trial their products in the field.

Marco Pescarolo is the owner of Pieffemme, which is a factory specialising in producing injection moulded ABS parts for European companies such as Porsche and Alfa Romeo. This factory has a Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Manufacturing ( CAD-CAM ) unit capable of transferring designs into finished parts.

Ghost International is an Italian company, which was officially founded in 2004 after years of product research and development. In the late 1990’s plans were already made for the founding of the company and both modular and rotation holster and magazine pouch systems were patented. Fine tuning of the products was undertaken with close cooperation with top IPSC competitors and various police and military user groups.


The Ghost holster allows both maximun retension and a very rapid draw at the start of the stage in a match.

In 2004 Ghost launched their modular holster system which caused a revolutionary turn in the building of holster systems worldwide. All major holster builders followed soon with comparable systems. Ghost then gave the holster a rotation system for use in vehicles and motorcycles. Again, the rest of the field followed. Ghost is now an accredited ISO9001 quality certified company and as of 2005 most of their products now has a NATO Stock Number ( NSN ). Ghost has the flexibility to use their basic items and make changes to them in order to make specialised products to suit customer needs.

ghost 6web

The Ghost competition revolver holster offers all the same advantages as their competition pistol holsters.


Usage and Evaluation

Now, two years after their official introduction Ghost holsters are being used in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The system is in use by the following countries: 

  • Netherlands Royal Police
  • Greek Police nationwide
  • Swiss Canton of Bern
  • Polish Border Police
  • Various Special Units and Intervention Teams throughout Europe

Ghost systems are being evaluated with the following countries and units: 

  • Finland,
  • Germany
  • Dutch Military and Police,
  • Australian Department of Justice in Victoria State,
  • US Immigration and Customs.

Much of the development work and evolution of equipment associated with firearms that is used by many police forces and military units was undertaken by those who are involved in target shooting competition. Accessories that evolve and work in the target shooting arena can then be further developed and adopted to suit the requirements of military and law enforcement users. Good equipment can help you win shooting competitions, and also to survive on the street to fight another day.

Ghost Competition Holster

Practical pistol competition shooting has lead to the development of holsters whose task is to both securely hold the pistol and also allow the shooter to present the pistol to the target in the least amount of time possible. A holster that is gaining in popularity, which is designed to securely hold, and then present the pistol to the target in the shortest time possible is the Ghost Holster. This rig offers you a positive locking mechanism to keep the pistol securely in the holster. The rig also is a lightweight design that will not weigh you down an already heavy gun belt.

ghost 5web

As well as producing competition holsters for pistols, Ghost also make a competition holster for Smith and Wesson K, L and N frame revolvers.

This holster comes in several different configurations to suit various makes of pistol. It has a black carbon fibre body and is attached to your belt with a high impact black plastic clip by tightening down on four hex head bolts. The holster comes complete with an instructional manual and two Allen wrenches, with which to attach the holster to your belt and also to adjust its height and angle of rake.


Two types of magnetic magazine pouch are made, a magnet on its own and a magazine pouch with a magnet attached to the front of the pouch.

This holster has a specifically shaped wedge is used to secure the trigger guard. The holster can be attached to a belt that is no more than 37 mm ( 1.5 inches ) wide using the supplied Allen wrench. The holster is then adjusted into a position to suit the user by loosening the various locking screws with the second Allen wrench. Remember to retighten them all after you have finished making your adjustments. In the holstered position the pistol should not be pointing at your leg or foot. There are four axes of adjustment to get the perfect position for the user.


One of the most popular holsters on the IPSC competition circuit, the Ghost holster has an unlocked position and two locked positions when the pistol is inserted into it.

Using the Ghost

Over the past few years I have tested out the Ghost holster using various CZ, Glock, Grand Power, Sphinx and STI pistols and Smith and Wesson revolvers. With the rig unlocked the pistol can be lifted cleanly and presented to the target. I tried some rapid turns and jumps and disengaged the locking mechanism to draw when I had completed these movements. The time required to draw and fire was faster than anything I have used previously. The pistol is securely locked in the holster when it needs to be and can then be presented in a quick smooth draw upon demand. As well as being used with bullet firing pistols the Ghost can also be used with air soft pistols. Practice, training and familiarity are mandatory with the use of this or any other holster. Do not use a loaded pistol during this training and familiarity period. Practice with an unloaded pistol until you are completely competent in its safe use.

Ghost III Tactical Thigh Holster

As a further development in their line of holsters Ghost have developed a duty holster suitable for law enforcement and military use. This one holster can be used as a tactical thigh holster, belt holster with Level IV tactical body armour and as a standard belt holster. The Ghost III has been designed for law enforcement and military use. Particular attention has been given to the safety systems and to the choice of quality materials to give a long lasting product to combine reliability with comfort. The fixing of the holster group to different modules allows the user to always have the same grasp on the pistol and the same safety systems. The fixing system of the holster body to different modules is also very practical and secure.


As speicalist law enforcement and military units in the former Eastern Bloc countires expand their capabilities, thaey are looking to the West for the right equipment to help them perform their tasks. Here the officers AKM rifle is backed up with a Glock 17 pistol in the Ghost tactical thigh holster. 

Ghost has taken the locking mechanism from their competition holster and has further developed it to produce this duty holster. The holster is molded to a specific pistol type, which in this case is the Glock 17. When the pistol is inserted into the holster a wedge locks into the trigger guard. This, combined with the molded shape of the holster securely retains the pistol.


The Ghost tactical thigh holster loves a good wallo in the mud. The holster encloses the trigger and firing mechanisem of the Beretta 92F pistol to protect it from any ingress of dirt.

As you grasp the pistol with you dominant hand the release lever will fall naturally under your thumb. The release lever is rotated upwards to lock it, preventing the pistol from being drawn. The release lever can be pushed forwards and down with your thumb. This will disengage the wedge that locks the trigger guard. The pistol can now be drawn from the holster and presented to the target. Initially practice with a pistol which you have confirmed is unloaded to become familiar with this holsters system of operation.

The tactical thigh rig ( TTR ) is secured to your belt at waist lever via an adjustable web strap. Two cordura straps are placed around the upper thigh and locked in place with plastic locking clips. The holster locates on the TTR via a modular keyway. Press down the button on the outside of the holster and slide the holster along the keyway until it locks in place.


The US has equipped the police force in Iraq with a lot of their equipment. In addition to the M4 rifle the standard sidearm of the Iraqi Police is the Glock models 17 and 19 9mm pistols.

Two belt systems are supplied with the holster; a waist belt and drop belt that positions the pistol lower and away from the body for use with Level IV tactical armour. The holster is attached using the same modular keyway. Both have slots through which to thread a belt.

Also supplied is a modular attachment for the holster that can be screwed onto any flat surface. This allows the holstered pistol to be positioned under a counter, in a vehicle, boat or aeroplane. Each adoption system allows the holster to be rotated and locked at a specific angle, thus increasing its versatility. To go along with the Ghost III there are also matching magazine pouches and belts. All items are available in black, green and white colours.


This police officer in Monaco backs up his K&K MP5 9mm sub machine gun with aGlock 17 9mm pistol. 

The holster Ghost III with all its modules is available for the following models:

Beretta 92 / 98
Beretta 8000
Beretta 84
Glock 17 / 19
HK USP Expert / Compact
HK P2000
Sig P226 / 229 / 220/ 225 / 228
Sig Pro
Walther P99 , S&W 99
Tanfoglio Force

New Products

Ghost have recently introduced a concealable holster, which is for the Glock 17/22 9mm and .40 S&W pistol. Made from the same tough materials they use in their other holsters it would be very suitable for plain clothed work and also very suitable for those who use Glocks in IPSC Production Division and IDPA competition. Initially available for the Glock 17/22, Ghost intend to produce it for other makes of pistol as well. Another new product is a magazine pouch that uses a magnet instead of a convensional box into which the magazine. This was designed for stages in IPSC competition where you start with an empty pistol and all magazines position on a table. On the start signal you grab the pistol, load it and shove the aditional magazines into the magazine pouches, which is time consuming. With the magnetic magazine pouch you simply slap the spare magazine against the magnet, which is much faster. Two versions are available; a magnet on its own or a conventional magazine pouch with a magnet attached to the outside of it. This would be very suitable for specalist law enforcement and military units; not just for adtional magazines, but a magnetic plate could be attached to the users harness equipment to which all manner of equipment could be attached. 


The concealable offers light weight with a tough design and good retension with a rapid draw. Initially available for the Glock 17 and 22, Ghost intend to produce it for other makes of pistol as well.


Ghost have reciently intruduced a concealable holster, which is for the Glock 17 9mm and Glock 22 .40 S&W pistol. Made from the same tough materials they use in their other holsters it would be very suitable for plain clothed work and also very suitable for those who use Glocks in IPSC Production Division and IDPA competition.

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